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Welcome to a world locked in eternal winter, a dangerous, nearly uninhabitable country where every walk outside is a challenge to the death, where wild, strange creatures roam unchecked across the frigid, windswept tundra and where elegant ice schooners skate across sheets of ice thousands of miles across. Explore the ancient ruins of a previous age slumbering in permafrost or stalk a herd of giant caribou in which each member is nearly ten ft tall at the shoulder. Delve into the secrets of the mind among the elusive Elan and the proud, spiritual Wilder nomads, or ally with the irascible and fierce Mabden to take up arms of bone and sinew against a new threat emerging from the north, a threat that might destroy every creature tenuously clutching on to life in this harsh world. Welcome to Frigia.

Ambush on the Ice

Frigia: A World in Ice

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